Rama IX Park Flower Festival

One of my favourite parks on the outskirts of Bangkok is Suanluang Rama IX. This 200 acre park was dedicated to H.M. The King about twenty years ago. The park is popular during early morning and late afternoon for fitness fanatics who jog around the park in the coolness of the day. It is also a great place for people who are interested in flowers. Apart from the botanical gardens, there is an area of the park that has been set up to represent different sections of Thailand’s varied plant species. A great place to study what Thailand has to offer.
I have been to the Rama IX Park quite a few times as it is on the border of Samut Prakan Province. It is also situated behind Paradise Park and Seacon Square where I often go at the weekend. I enjoy strolling around the park at the end of the day. Entrance is only 10 baht per person and 30 baht for your car. I was there again today because they are now having their annual Flower Festival. This popular flower show always happens during December around the time of H.M. The King’s birthday. As well as all the flowers on show, there are also many stalls selling garden plants that you can buy and take home for you. I bought a few orchids for myself. You can usually get two or three for only 100 baht. The park is also popular for university graduates who go there dressed in their gowns to be photographed in front of the colourful flowers.
Even if you cannot get here for the flower festival, the park is a refreshing break from the city and a chance for you to refresh your lungs and smell something beautiful for a change. Today was obviously a bit busy but it is quiet on most days. You can eat a picnic in the shade of a tree or rent a boat to go out onto the lake. There is also a museum dedicated to the work of H.M. The King. I have marked the park for you here as well as the dates for the next festival.