Brutal Pre-Ordination Procession on 1 May 2015 at Phukiao district in Chaiyaphum

Brutal pre-ordination parade ประเพณีแห่นาคโหด

This is an annual festival that takes place on the full moon in May or June. This year it is on 1st May 2015. It takes place in Non-salao village, Phukiao district of Chaiyaphum province. It is an old tradition where the young men of the village have to show their real intent of becoming a monk. They take part in a parade where they are held high on a large wooden stretcher. This is then shaken violently to see if they can hang on. If they fall off, they cannot become a monk. But to hold on is not easy as the parade route is 3 kms long. The hair shaving is at 7am and the parade is at 2pm.

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