Por Tor Festival in Phuket: 26 August – 12 September 2015

Pho Tho Tradition

Date: 26 August – 12 September, 2015
Venue: Phuket

The Por Tor Festival (Sart Chin) 2015 will be held from 26th August to 12th September 2015. The aim of this event is to preserve and pass on a local tradition that will be promoted to children, youth, and tourists to know more about the Pho Tho Tradition. The event takes place at various shrines in Phuket. The main parade is on Sunday 30th August starting at 12:10pm from the 72nd Anniversary Queen Sirikit Park on Thalang Road and goes to the fresh market on Ranong Road. On Tuesday 1st September the parade starts at 5pm from the same park and goes to Bang Neow Shrine on Phuket Road.

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Pho Tho Tradition

Originally known as the Ullambhana Festival, the Pho Tho Tradition or Sart Chin commences every year from the 15th evening of the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. This event is to make merit to the ancestors, which is a tradition of gratitude that has been conducted for a long period of time following the belief of the Thai-Chinese people.

The Pho Tho Tradition is the half-year day in accordance with the Chinese tradition, and is the day that the spirits will be released to return to visit their relatives. As such, the Chinese people will organise a ceremony to worship their ancestors’ spirits as well as decorate the shrines of their houses. For those spirits that do not have any relatives, each house will arrange a shrine with sweetmeats at the back of the house.

Pho Tho Tradition

Offerings of the Pho Tho Tradition include tea, various desserts, Mit Chian (similar to Bai Sri Khwan), turtle desserts, fruit, sweets, Chinese whisky, and items that should not be excluded include red turtle sweet that is known as Tua Ku as well as the merit-making ceremony known as Pai Pua Ceremony.

For this year’s Pho Tho Tradition, the venues for the Pai Pua Ceremony are as follows:

  • Phuket Thaihua Museum (Krabi Road community), on 26 August and 2 September
  • Cho Su Kong Shrine (Surin Roundabout), on 28 August
  • Pho To Talat Nuea (Cho Ong), on 29 August
  • Pho To Fresh Market (Ranong Road), on 30-31 August
  • Pho To Kong Shrine (Ban Bang Nieo), on 1-12 September
  • Pho To Ao Ke (Takua Pa Road), on 3 September

Pho Tho Tradition

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