Surin’s Elephant Back Wedding Ceremony 2015


Date: 13-14 February 2015
Venue: Provincial Administrative Organisation of Surin Auditorium (13 February 2015) and Elephant Study Centre, Tha Tum District (14 February 2015)

The ‘Elephant Back Wedding Ceremony” in Surin is one of the most uniquely Siamese ways to get married. Known as the “Sut Tae” ritual and this can be experienced at the Elephant Study Centre in Tha Tum district.  On Valentine’s Day itself, the local people, (known as Kuai) will help couples wed in their traditional style.

At the ceremony, the grooms, clad in Thai silk, will sit atop a majestic elephant and ride with great pomp to greet their brides-to-be. When they join their grooms on top of their gigantic steed, a magnificent parade will take place as special ceremonies are performed to ensure a long and happy union. The marriage registration formalities will take place while the couples are on the elephants.  Local believe this way of getting married will ensure good fortune and prosperity to the couples for years to come.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Surin Office will offer a set of traditional Kuai-style wedding dress and a souvenir for any couple wanting to get married at this year’s Elephant Back Wedding Ceremony in Tha Tum District. However, the couple must make their wish known to the TAT Surin Office by 12 February 2015.  The rate for activity participation is 4,999 Baht.

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